A Piece of the Pie

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Local Republicans are quick to remind that they are the newly claimed majority of registered voters in Bay County, but as one Republican leader, Jerry Gerde points out, the change didn't happen overnight.

"The division between the Republican philosophy and the Democrat philosophy has become wider, I'm afraid and the Democrats have adopted a number of positions that have been out of sync and out of kilter with Republican positions."

This shift has led to a secure status and an incredible base of support appreciated by the presidential campaign.

Political analyst and professor, Dr. E. Terry Jack says the fundraiser only highlights the impact Bay County plays in a presidential election.

"In terms of the politics, it somewhat mystifies me because this part of Florida is solidly Republican, growing even stronger republican everyday. I suspect it's not so much about solidifying the base because the base isn't going to wander off, it's about raising dinero."

But as Gerde says, along with raising money, any visit from the White House brings some excitement in just being part of the party.

"I predict that Republicans will continue to capture more and more locals seats Allan Bense is just one significant example of that."

And Allan Bense, who is next in line to take over as speaker of the house in Florida, is here Monday night along with Gov. Jeb Bush and several other hoping to catch a piece of the political pie in Bay County.