Flying High

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Joe Tannehill, Sr. was approved by the Bay County Commission Tuesday morning to replace Larry Dantzler who will step down at the end of the month because of term limits.

Dantzler, who has consistently supported the relocation of the airport, says Tannehill is a good replacement.

"All the citizens need to look at this as being very important. The relocation of this airport I believe is going to be one of the best things that could happen to Bay County since the building of Deerpoint Dam."

Tannehill too says he's the right one for the job.

"I'm an advocate for better jobs, I'm an advocate of planned growth. I'm an advocate of better transportation."

Tannehill has lived in Bay County for 31 years. He recently retired as the owner and president of Merick Industries, a large engineering company in Lynn Haven now run by his son, Joe Tannehill, Jr.

"The airport is an economic engine of itself and in my business 98-percent of our customers are outside of Florida, so it's in the airplane. We use this without this transportation it would be very harmful.”

The airport authority will remain in authority as to if and when a new airport is built with this new member.