A Parent's Worst Nightmare

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It's got to be a parent's worst nightmare, their home catches on fire and they have to save their small children from the smoke and flames.

That's what faced a Panama City woman Tuesday afternoon when her apartment at 4455 West 19th Street near the college caught on fire. She says she only stepped away from the stove for a minute. When she came back into the kitchen flames were all she saw.

The blaze destroyed all the woman owned except for the three things that meant the most to her, her two-month-old, one-year-old and eight-year-old sons.

"I was inside and I heard ‘momma my house is on fire.’ I went outside and saw flames coming from my daughter's apartment. I ran upstairs and shouted ‘get the babies’," says Margaret Davis.

It was only by chance that Margaret Davis was home from work Tuesday afternoon. She heard her daughter shout from next door and instincts immediately kicked in.

"My oldest grandson was still in there. I thought I had him by the hand, but he must have slipped out, so I went back into the smoke and grabbed him and pushed him down the stairs to get him out of there," says Davis.

Margaret's daughter, Nicole, and her two-month-old baby are being treated at a local hospital. Margaret says she's just thankful they're alive.

"Thank God I took off from work today. She couldn't have fought the fire. She wouldn't have made it," says Davis.

Firefighters put the fire out within ten minutes and were able to contain it to one apartment.