Girls Gone Wild Execs are Back in Court Again

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis of Reno, Nevada and some of his employees are accused of video taping underage girls in the nude, some performing sex acts.

The case developed during Spring Break 2003 at Panama City Beach.

Because of the nature of the cases and the ages of the girls involved, attorneys for the state asked Circuit Judge DeeDe Costello to allow the women to give only one deposition each and that deposition could be used for both the criminal and civil cases against Francis and his camera crews.

However, Judge Costello struck a compromise and ruled there would be one deposition from each girl in the criminal case and one for the civil case.

The judge said she will also limit the number of lawyers allowed in the room during the deposition questioning.

She also criticized the Girls Gone Wild attorneys for moving slowly to get the case to trial. It’s been 15 months since the case first began