Black Republicans Changing Political Stereotypes

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When most of us think of African Americans and politics, we think of the Democratic Party, but a Panhandle group is changing that stereotype, recruiting black Republicans every day.

They say they're just returning to their roots. After all, the Republican Party was created to end slavery and members of the Northwest Florida Black Republican Club say the party is giving them new hope.

Close to 100 members of the club met Saturday on Panama City Beach to reaffirm their goals. The Northwest Florida Black Republican Club makes up members from 12 counties throughout the Panhandle.

State Representatives Allan Bense and Jennifer Carroll were on hand to show their support for the growing organization. The club's founders say this marks a new day for black people in northwest Florida.

"We're trying to open eyes for people to understand there is a two-party system. You need to look at both sides before getting locked in. They need to be independent thinkers. Educate yourself and understand the economic system so you can lead yourself," says David Langston, V.P. of the Northwest Florida Black Republican Club.

"We want to give people opportunity not based on skin color, but the tools to succeed, and opportunity based on hard work. It's a new day," says Hosea Pittman, President of the Northwest Florida Black Republican Club.