Update: Historic Apalachicola Home Burned to the Ground

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These pictures show the intense blaze that destroyed the Wright House in Apalachicola's historical district Monday.

It took dozens of fire-fighters an hour and a half to get the flames under control, and nearly twelve hours to fully extinguish the fire.

Ashes and charred debris are now the only things left. 94 -year-old Vivian Marshall was born in the home. She can't believe what happened.

"I can't imagine that. I just can't imagine. It seems like its been a fixture in Apalachicola for all my life," Marshall said.

Vivian and a few of her brothers and sisters, happened to be in Apalachicola Wednesday for a family reunion. They're all saddened to see their childhood home in ruins. But they're choosing to remember the good times.

"The stained-glass windows, at the end of the hall, came off a wrecked ship that went aground in Apalachicola," Willoughby Marshall said.

"Our step grandmother used to wrap paper bags around the fruit and so the birds wouldn't eat them before I got home at Christmas," Kathryn Marshall said.

"Our favorite dish we had there was spaghetti," Vivian Marshall said.

"Our father was also born in that house also so it’s a very meaningful place to us," Travis Marshall said.

Fire hoses still litter the street from where firefighters battled the blaze. We're told the house has been unoccupied for years. The owners live in Pennsylvania.

"I do feel bad about it. I felt bad before it was unoccupied it was getting runned down at the time," Travis Marshall said.

The home was 120 years old. A neighbor told us seeing the home go up in flames was like seeing an architectural funeral.

No word yet on what caused this massive fire. The State Fire Marshal's office is investigating.

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