Scallop Season

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They're good with just about any dish, but this Gulf favorite is going out of business along the Florida Panhandle.

Stan Kirkland with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says they study the scallop population before the season opens July 1.

"The bad news is there's just very few scallops this year. The surveys that have recently been completed show that there aren't very many scallops available."

On average only two scallops were found in each of the 20 survey tracts in St. Joe Bay.

"All of the areas that they surveyed in June that have just been completed show just very low numbers of scallops, so this isn't a spotty occurrence which points to some type of climatic or environmental factor."

The study blames last year's rainfall for the lack of scallops.

"We had tremendous amounts of rain across the state of Florida. That influx of fresh water probably has taken on a real toll on the scallop fishery this year."

The area from the Mexico Beach canal to the Florida-Alabama border has been closed to scalloping for a couple of years because of the diminishing population, but there are no plans to close the rest of the area just yet.

Scallop season is open from July 1 until September 10. For more information about the scalloping regulations go to the Fish and Wildlife website at