Eglin Robots

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Air Force brass introduced the newest members of the Remote Detection, Challenge and Response Team Tuesday.

Among the semi-automated robots are "Scout", which can travel at speeds of 40 miles per hour and fire weapons.

M-DARS can patrol areas like air bases and weapons depots, and "Packbot" can provide surveillance in tight spaces.

Eglin will test the robots for Pentagon officials Wednesday to see if they're practical, but more importantly the Air Force believes these mechanical devices could save lives.

SSgt. M. Jimenez with the 325th Security Forces Squadron says, "Once an alarm goes off we respond, so we're kinda like the first targets. Having something like this to be able to respond first and give us a visual assessment of what's out there before we have to go out there helps us out tremendously."

One operator can control several robots at a time. Tyndall Air Force Base is helping in development.