A Panama City Beach Woman Lost Her Life in an Early Morning Fire

Fifty-seven-year-old Kay Russell was dead when Thomas Drive firefighters first arrived at her Bay Point home at 415 Wahoo Road.

A Bay Point security guard first spotted smoke coming out the windows of the home about 2 a.m. Thursday morning. The guard called 9-1-1 and then tried to alert anyone inside, but could not get in.

Bay County Fire Rescue and Emergency Medical Services responded quickly, that's according to Ruth Sasser who is the Public Information Officer for the Bay County Sheriff’s office.

"They were able to put out the fire and began to do a search and rescue inside. We found the resident Kay Gillespie Russell and she was not non-responsive. EMS tried to resuscitate her, but were unable to do so."

Bay County Sheriff's Deputies say it seems as though the fire was accidental and the woman died from smoke inhalation, but they are still waiting for the autopsy results from the medical examiner for the exact cause of death.