Corporal Punishment

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Forty-four-year old Marcus Bishop is charged with felony child abuse for slapping his 15-year-old daughter.

Thursday morning he turned himself in to the Bay County Jail. According to the Bay County Sheriff's Office, Bishop hit his daughter across the face hard enough to leave an imprint of his hand and visible welts when investigators arrived two hours after the incident.

However, Bishop's attorney, Waylon Graham, says the case is bogus.

"She failed the 9th grade, she was giving her teachers a fit and she was standing in her daddy's face screaming and hollering and calling him a “dumb a-hole”, and at that point Mr. Bishop smacked her on the cheek and told her to hush."

Graham says the charges are stemming from a nasty divorce fight claiming the young woman went to her grandparents and called her mother after the incident, who then called the police.

"A parent can discipline a child and use corporal punishment so long as he doesn't use excessive force and cause great bodily harm or permanent disfigurement."

Both of Bishop's daughters live in Alabama with their mother but were visiting him this week in Panama City Beach. Graham says Bishop will admit to hitting his daughter, but no harm or disfigurement was caused.

"What are you to do when your child's in your face screaming and hollering and cussing at you?"

That decision could be determined in court later this year.