Bridge Toll Rising

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Beginning on October 1, drivers crossing the Mid-Bay Bridge from Niceville to Destin will be a bit lighter in the wallet, 50-cents to be exact. To finance expansion projects and road improvements, the Mid-Bay Bridge Authority has approved a $32 million bond deal.

Officials say the deal will provide almost 11 million new dollars, but part of this money will come from those who drive over the bridge.

Most vehicles now pay $2.00 to cross the bridge. That price will go up to $2.50. Monthly costs for using the bridge for five days a week will go up from $88 to on $110.

Sunpass users now pay $1.00. Their price will go up to $1.50, which translates into a monthly jump from $44 to $66. The price hike will be the bridge's first in its 10-year history.

The Bridge Authority has scheduled a public hearing about the increase for August 1 at the Niceville Community Center. That meeting will begin at 5:30.