Man Jailed on Second Degree Murder Charge

They have now arrested Jernigan charging him with murder. Jernigan called authorities about 6:30 Monday night, reporting he'd shot an intruder.

Deputies arrived at the scene to find 52-year-old Jerome Ryals lying dead outside a mobile home. Jernigan claimed Ryals drove through his locked gate, busted into the home and threatened Jernigan.

Jernigan said he grabbed a handgun, while Ryals armed himself with a shotgun he found in the home. Jernigan apparently shot Ryals one time.

But now, investigators say there are inconsistencies in Jernigan's story. They say evidence revealed Jernigan shot Ryals outside of the house, as Ryals was running away.
Jernigan had claimed he shot the man inside the house.

Authorities also say the two men were apparently arguing over Ryals' wife. She worked for Jernigan at his home-based concrete lawn ornament business.