Return to Iraq

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A local soldier is getting a big send off tonight, just days after returning home from service in Iraq. The guardsman with the 144th transportation company served in Iraq as a volunteer for the last five months. Now he’s being required to serve again with his unit, soon to be deployed out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The mission is hard on his family, but it’s what they believe has to happen.

In two weeks, Sergeant Daniel Scott is headed back to Iraq. He just got home on a short leave a few days ago with another fellow soldier.

“We just looked back and forth at each other and the tears were streaming. And there were people on the plane that were crying because we were crying and stuff like that. And I came around the corner and saw my daughter and she was running towards me and that’s when I just lost it.”

“It’s kind of bitter sweet. The day he comes home is the day he starts getting prepared to leave.”

Tyre’s National Guard unit, the 144th Transportation Company, was mobilized to Fort Stewart, Georgia last year, but never deployed. He and a handful of other local soldiers volunteered to go to Iraq even though they weren’t required to serve.

“In theatre, they were short of truck drivers. So there was a group of us that volunteered to go over there.”

Tyre’s wife, Emily had a hard time accepting his decision at first. But she says she now understands his soldier’s mind-set a little more, especially since his deployment to Iraq this time around, is not voluntary. He’ll be leaving from Fort Bragg, North Carolina soon.

“It’s been hard and I haven’t been 100 percent supportive like I should have been. But I understand what he’s going through and I’m going to support him as a soldier and as a husband.”

Tyre believes in his duty as a soldier, but he’s not looking forward to leaving his family again.

“I miss my kids. I miss my wife.”

And his family is not ready to let him go.

“As a parent, my biggest fear is for the kids. How will this affect the kids in the long run? Will they understand what happened? Will they know their daddy when he comes back? And I guess in the back of your mind, you always have that fear of ‘will Daddy be coming back?’”

Sergeant Tyre will leave for Fort Bragg in early July. His going away party is being held at the Chattahoochee RV Resort in Chattahoochee.