Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Camille Pissaro

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It's like a flea market
for priceless art and

U.S. Liquidators, an
company out of the D-C area,
has made its way to our
parts for a very exciting

Forget New York or
London, the Panhandle is
host to an auction
featuring art from Pablo
Picasso and Persian rugs
woven by hand.
About a hundred people
took advantage of the event
at the Bay Point Marriott
Saturday afternoon.

"I come to them every
time they're in Panama CIty.
There are a lot of good auction here.

And they always seem to be knowlegeable here," says Preston Holgan.

You don't have to be
an experienced bidder like
Preston to try a hand at
this auction.

"Some of our best
bidders are first-timers.
They get involved quickly," says Wayne Wheat, U.S. Liquidators.

All it takes is finding
something you fancy. And outbidding your

"We will suggest a bid.
If we don't get it we'll
lower the bid at some point.
A few pieces we have to call
into corporate to make sure
the bid was ok. Like this
original Picasso piece," says Wheat.

Wheat says the Picasso piece should go for several hundred thousand
dollars. Picasso's last
piece sold at auction last
month at $93 million

If you were hoping to
get your hands on a piece
of priceless art the auction continues Sunday at the
Sandestin Golf and Beach
Resort, starting at noon.