Top Trombonist

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Nineteen-year-old Josh Bledsoe spends most of his time theses days studying trombone, but the Crestview High graduate still remembers the first day he picked up his horn back in middle school.

Josh Bledsoe says, “It was showed to me and it looked neat and I just kind a took to it right away.”

After eight years and countless hours of practice, Josh took his trombone to New York this past June where he took part in a solo competition featuring some of the best trombonists from all over the world.

Josh came out on top winning a $250 check. His father couldn't be happier.

Greg Bledsoe, Josh’s father, says, “I was just bursting with tears when my son was announced as the winner of the competition. I was so proud; I think I was about ready to pop the buttons off my shirt.”

Josh credits much of his success to his parents. His dad has taught elementary music and his mom teaches singing. She also joins her son at the piano.

Keitha Bledsoe, mother, says, “Well, we enjoy playing together. We've been doing that for many, many years, ever since middle school and it’s been my thrill and my pleasure as well to get to be a part of what he does.”

“Music is the single biggest impact on my life. I'm always listening to music and it’s a place, a niche in the world,” says Josh.

Josh says he's trying to be one of the best and he's well on his way. After finishing up his studies at FSU, Josh hopes to one day try out for the Philadelphia Orchestra or the New York Philharmonic.