Two More Arrests Made in Marianna Double Murder

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Marianna Police investigators say they've arrested more suspects in last Thursday's double murder at the Marianna Garden Apartments.

Last Saturday night, 18-year-old LaMarquis Dewayne Powell surrendered to authorities at the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

Today, investigators arrested Powell's mother, 36-year-old Natasha Powell, and 18-year-old Montavia Chanel Murphy, who was living with the Powells.
The two women are being charged as accessories after-the-fact to the robbery and murders of 36-year-old Christopher Odom and Michael Smith.

Jackson County authorities have remained busy the last few days as they try to solve the double murders of 36-year-old Christopher Odom and Michael Smith.
They now have their main suspect, 18-year-old LaMarquis Dewayne Powell, and caught a break in their case Friday morning.
"In addition to arresting the primary suspect, LaMarquis Dewayne Powell, we have now arrested a Natasha Powell, the mother of LaMarquis Powell, for the charge of accessory after-the-fact to murder and accessory after-the-fact to robbery."
Authorities also arrested 18-year-old Montavia Chanel Murphy, who was living with the Powells in their apartment.
She is also being charged with the same crimes.
"Not really sure the relationship between Mr. Powell and Ms. Murphy other than she was residing at the same residence as Mr. Powell was."
All three lived in Apartment F-1 which was near Odom's residence at the Marianna Garden Apartments.
Investigators say Odom and Smith were murdered during a robbery attempt last Thursday night.
"Mr. Powell did not act alone."
They say two men struggled with the victims inside Odom's apartment before shooting them.
Paramedics found one dead at the scene while the other died shortly after being rushed to Jackson Hospital's Emergency Room.
"It caught us by surprise."
Baggett says the timing of the murders was unfortunate with all the recent improvements at the housing complex.
"A little disappointed, you know, because Royal American has done such a great job of cleaning up the apartments and our call volume has gone way down since they have taken over."
But he agrees with management staff this is an isolated incident.
And they are continuing to search for the other suspects.

Both women are due in court tomorrow for bond hearings.

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