Search for Pam Ray Continues

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Investigators from at least five different police agencies are in Walton County looking through a wooded area off Highway 98. The search includes a cadaver dog named Zeus. Police aren't saying what they are looking for.

"We've received some information that indicated we may find something in south Walton County. We have conducted and are conducting a search of that area and we'll see where that leads us," said Maj. Dave Humphreys of the Panama City Beach Police Department.

Investigators aren’t saying where the information came from or what case it's related to. NewsChannel Seven has learned the focus of the search is Pamela Ray. The search for Ray is part of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office's recently formed cold case unit.

Ray disappeared from a Panama City Beach motel in August of 1992. At the time, her two kids were sleeping in her car. Ray's never been seen since. Her disappearance garnered national attention. TV shows like Unsolved Mysteries have featured the Ray case, but so far few clues have come in.

In the last couple of years, the focus has been on a convicted murderer named Mark Reibe. Reibe is serving a life sentence in an unrelated crime. In 2000 Reibe confessed to killing Ray then burying her body. He's since recanted his confession.

His changing stories have only provided dead ends and frustration so far for investigators.

"When you have a case that's anywhere from five to 15, 20 years old it's difficult coming back and looking at that and trying to find some resolution for victims," said Humphreys.

Police won't say if the new information in the Pam Ray case came from Reibe. What they will say is they'd like to wrap up the case they're working on soon. Ray's two kids are now grown. They say they'd just like closure on their mom's story.