July Sees News Laws in Florida

There are dozens of new state laws going into effect, and they have a wide range and impact.

One will affect those going under the knife. Anesthesiologist's assistants will now be allowed to administer anesthesia with a doctor's supervision.

Currently only Anesthesiologist and Nurse Anesthetists were allowed to carry out those procedures. The move is supposed to ease a shortage in the field.

Another new law will keep minors from buying over-the-counter diet pills, but the kids will now be allowed to carry cell phones on school campuses. It'll be up to the schools to regulate usage.

Here's one that will make one that will make a lot of people happy. Anyone caught sending deceiving spam e-mails can be charged with a third-degree felony and face $500 fines for each message.

Other changes in state laws include dropping a requirement to have a witness sign absentee voting ballots.

Another new law would make Florida's Greyhound dog tracks provide information on Greyhound adoption programs, and judges will no longer have the option to withhold findings of guilt to lessen jail sentences for first time felons.

A number of court fees will be going up, including marriage licenses, divorces, small claims and other lawsuits. Look for big hikes in traffic fines.