Beach Safety Team Identifies Problem Areas

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Safety is paramount during holiday weekends like the fourth of July. Now beach safety experts are taking to the skies to identify problem areas along the world's most beautiful beaches.

The Tourism Development Council has hired a team of beach safety experts to find ways to prevent more accidental drowning deaths, and a holiday like the Fourth of July is a perfect time to identify problem areas on the beach.

The team, led by Dr. John Fletemyer, found that about 40,000 people took a trip to the shores of Panama City Beach this Fourth of July. From a bird's eye view Fletemyer was able to identify more dense areas on the beach, like behind Club La Vela and Spinnaker.

Although hiring lifeguards for the entire coastal area is too expensive, Fletemyer says they may be able to place lifeguards in the more heavily dense areas of the beach.