Get Out the Vote

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The Bush-Cheney campaign team hasn't forgotten the importance of the Panhandle votes and is concentrating on his area again.

Campaign chairman Marc Racicot was in Panama City Thursday reminding supporters to go to the polls. Racicot is the former governor of Montana and served as a party spokesperson during the 2000 election fiasco.

Thursday he talked about the importance of grassroots campaigning and how the Panhandle has gained support.

"I can't help but feel an overwhelming gratitude to all of you as my fellow citizens for caring enough about our country to do the same things that Americans around the country are willing to do and choose to do because they're critically important."

Bobby Roberts, the chairman of the Bay County Republicans, says this is the place to secure the presidency.

"So, from the Bay County standpoint, we've got to be sure we turn out the vote in support of him to counteract what's happening in south Florida."

Racicot was chairman of the Republican National Convention until he took over the Bush-Cheney election campaign last year.