South Walton Politics

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"Walton Citizens for Political Action" is sending letters to South Walton property owners, urging them to register to vote.

The intent is to gain seats on the county commission. The group claims 90 percent of growth in Walton County is happening south of Choctawhatchee Bay, but almost 70 percent of those new resident don't live there year round.

Supporters say South Walton's property tax base is supporting the county and they want a larger voice in future growth decision.

Cindy Meadows, WCPA Spokesperson, says, "South Walton now pays approximately 86 percent of the taxes paid in all of Walton County and we feel that South Walton needs to increase its voting numbers because we need more representation in local government."

The group is suggesting one member of a house hold register in Walton County, while another maintains their voter registration back home.