Abortion Signs Causing Some Residents to Cringe

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Tuesday, the debate over abortion hit the streets of Panama City Beach.

The "Personhood" group staged demonstrations in support of an amendment to Florida's constitution.

The "Personhood" amendment would extend the definition of "person" to every human being. Some of the pictures, showing dead babies, are too graphic for television and too much for Sarah Evanko.

This rolling billboard drove through Evanko's neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

"My eleven year old clearly saw a horrible picture. He knows exactly what it was and the message they were trying to get across, but he though it was horrible. I was able to distract my five year old so that I don't think she was able to see what she saw," Evanko said.

Evanko understands the group's point of view, but say they should keep those images isolated to area's frequented by spring breakers. And away from her neighborhood on this stretch of Front Beach Road.

It's about a mile or two from some of the spring break hotspots.

"Residential areas are not a good place during the day when kids are outside playing to show pictures like that. We as residents deserve more than that," Evanko said.

Tuesday the "Personhood" group told us they are only exercising their first amendment rights. And they aren't going to sugar coat what they call the truth.

"We're here to help the college students and also here to speak up for the unborn babies who can't speak for themselves," Kathy Huybrecht, a pro-life supporter said.

The group is trying to collect nearly 700-thousand petition signatures to get the proposal on a future ballot.

We tried tracking down some of the pro-life protesters Wednesday but they were no where to be found.

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