News Herald Editor and Chief Comes Under Fire

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The News Herald's editor and chief has come under fire for comments he made in a column last week. At least three people set up shop right outside of the News Herald Friday afternoon to protest Phil Lucas' columns.

They say the comments Lucas has made in a number of columns about gay marriage and diversity are foul and hateful to many people in the community. They say Lucas should maintain an objective role as editor and chief.

"He does have a right, but the News Herald has a monopoly as the only daily newspaper in this town. They should have a rebuttal to his comments by someone in a prominent position akin to Lucas' position. There's many people in this community that have opinions that should be considered, just like he does," says protester Ray Long.

In an e-mail to Newschannel 7 Phil Lucas responded by saying, "I believe in free speech and a vigorous exchange of ideas, whether it is on the newspaper's opinion pages or on a public sidewalk. I am glad to see others share that belief."