Bay County's Real Estate Market Booms

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The sound of hammers and the sight of cranes may be proof enough that Bay County's real estate market is booming, but a recent home market report proves it.

June actually brought a decline in homes sales from months like this past February that saw an 80 percent increase in homes sales over last year, but the drop off is not scaring Bay County realtors. They say numbers are still unusually high and they should stay steady.

So whether you're buying or selling, now's the time to do it.

"Figures are running about 20 percent over from last year. That's excellent. Interest rates are very good. We've had record breaking interest rates for the past couple of years, and they're still very good," says Jo Ann Revell, President of Bay County's Association of Realtors.

Revell says the past month has also brought an increase in amount of available lots for potential home buyers.

"It seems to be right across the board. I've noticed everything from the beach over in town; even Callaway. There seems to be an unusual number right around the central area, which the St. Andrews area," says Revell.

Revell says the market doesn't seem to be slowing down now that Bay County has been discovered.

"Northwest Florida is on the map now. We were a hidden secret for so long. People are finding out about us," says Revell.

The demand for beach front property is obviously not slowing down either. Revell says resort-type developments are still by far the most popular selling point here in Bay County, and she says the supply of condos hasn't even come close to reaching the demand to buy them.