Local Girl Loses Battle with Brain Cancer

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She wanted to be the girl who found a cure to her own cancer. Now she's taking the job up to heaven.

Eleven-year-old Shelby Beck died this past Thursday after a short battle with brain cancer. Her mother told Shelby before she died that she would help look over other children with cancer, and she seems to be doing a good job already.

An annual report published in this month's issue of Cancer Magazine shows the survival rate for childhood cancers increase by 20 percent in the past 20 years. Even Shelby's family thought she might tough it out.

"They kept saying she wasn't going to make it, but she held on. She was a real trooper, but the last time she had treatment they told us there was nothing else they could do. She didn't want to suffer anymore, but she was a strong girl," says Rhonda Beck, Shelby's mother.

And while she spent most of her time fighting cancer, Rhonda says Shelby's main concern was living life to the fullest.

"When you think of Shelby, think of the little things that may not be important. Make them important," says Rhonda Beck.

You can help Shelby's legacy live on by remembering her at a very special service Sunday afternoon. The service begins at 2 p.m. in the afternoon at Heritage Funeral Home in Callaway. Interment will follow at the Lynn Haven Cemetery.