Much Ado About Something

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Tourism officials will kick off the Downtown and Smalltowns without Panama City this year because technically it's still under redevelopment, but for those that live here the changes are obvious. Events like Music in the Park highlight the change to the area.

The director of Much Ado About Nothing, Chuck Clay, saw the potential at McKenzie Park and what he calls a perfect backdrop.

"It really struck a chord with me and I thought it would be a great place for one to do outdoor theater and I thought the park just lent itself very well."

This is the first annual Shakespeare in the Park and is an example of an event the downtown improvement board want to continue. Clay insists this play is for everyone and has “much ado” with the battle of the sexes.

"People sort of have a knee-jerk reaction to Shakespeare and they think it's something they can't connect to or understand and I think Shakespeare is much more a part of our culture than we even know."

Panama City could soon be added to the Visit Florida campaign, which is hoping to lure some of the 74 million visitors that come to our state to visit some classic cities.

Coming this week, with a blanket and a picnic, you can enjoy something classic in your hometown.