Progress Being Made in School Bus Land Dispute

Last month county commissioner Tim Pauls put up a barricade to keep school buses from crossing his property to get to Butler Elementary School in Santa Rosa Beach.

He owns the property next to the school and a strip of it was being used by buses leaving the school. Now, Pauls has removed the barrier after a parent told him it was causing a hardship for her child.

Pauls says that was never his intention and he says he was just trying to get the School Board to reach a deal with him for his property. He admits he may have paid a political price during an election year.

"I certainly have people telling me I have to be the most stupid politician there is, and perhaps that's true, because it was certainly not a smart political move."

Pauls went on to say, "I'm not so sure that other people in my situation would not have attempted to do the same thing and done it much sooner than I did."

Pauls says he still wants to reach an agreement with the Walton County School Board without going to court.