Billfish Crowd Reels in Big Bucks for Local Businesses

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Each July thousands of people gather around the Bay Point Resort like fish around a baited hook and local businesses are landing the catch of the week, money.

They are sailing in by the dozens and when they arrive common necessities are what they need. Bay Point Marina officials expect 50,000 gallons of gas to be pumped before the event is through and gas is just one thing they’ll spend money on.

Local tackle and bait shops are also reeling in the big bucks. There are dozens of customers coming in buying everything from bait to clothes and when they are not preparing to fish at Bay Point they’re taking to the town.

“A lot of people come in and visit with us, eat with us. And after hours when the Billfish Tournament is dozen w have a lot of people listening to our live music and having a drink,” said Mark Hester, Manager of Boatyard Restaurant.

After a late night out, all fishermen need is a quiet place to rest their head and many are venturing outside of Bay Point to find it.

There is no doubt Bay Point will generate a lions share of the cash, but local restaurants and businesses are actually setting up shop within Bay Point and local charities should get more than $60,000 from the tournament.