Destin Airport Fence

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The price these people pay for living behind the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport. Recently, that price went up when the airport put up a chain link fence which sits just feet from several homes.

Guenter Zeising lives near Destin Airport and says, "Aesthetically, it looks absolutely awful, especially due to the proximity of my property and my back yard.”

Some homeowners see the fence as more than a nuisance and claim their backyards have been flooded due to its construction. Airport officials say it’s a matter of safety.

Jerry Sealy, Director Okaloosa County Airports, says, "We do have animals, coyotes, dogs, those kind of things get on the runway and can cause a wreck, cause injury. We're gonna do what we can to soften the impact but the fence itself being an FAA requirement will remain.”

Homeowner Gunther Zeising says he'll tolerate the fence but he's got some other issues he wants the airport to deal with.

"Not only air pollution from the jet fumes that migrate into the neighborhood, it is also the noise pollution at anytime of the day a night.”

Airport officials say they will try work with those who live near the facilities but maintain they still have to efficiently and safely operate an airport. Airport officials are currently conducting a noise study to determine the impact on the community.