Pardon Our Progress

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When tourists are ready to rest and relax, they might hit a traffic jam on the way into Panama City Beach. That's why the Tourist Development Council met Wednesday afternoon with construction officials to prevent a bad start to a great vacation.

Construction on the beach side of the Hathaway Bridge has become normal for those that live here, but for people coming in for vacation it is becoming an eyesore and major inconvenience.

Better signs and more frequent reminders to direct traffic towards the beach were the main topics Wednesday.

Gary Bellamy, the project coordinator for the Thomas Drive and U.S. 98 flyover, says getting everyone together helps lessen the confusion for this project.

"We already have signage in order to help the tourists that come in. We have some great suggestions from the members of the TDC committee and we're going to follow through with those."

The engineers did remind the group that the traffic flow will remain the same for the next year and a half, although many hope more signs will help ease the congestion.