County Officials: Tax Revenue Needed to Pave Dirt Roads

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Bay County has more than 300 miles of dirt roads, but county officials say the worst roads can't be paved without some kind of tax revenue.

Edwards Road off of State Road 77 in Southport is the county's top priority. Some people living alongside the dirt road say it should have been paved years ago.

Public works officials agree but say they can't use grant money because the dirt road does not pose an environmental threat. They say the proposed half-cent sales tax is the only possible source of money they'll have to pave this road and many others.

"The proposed half-cent sales tax would provide $5.5 million for paved roads throughout the county, and Edwards road is the county's top priority," says Ken Schnell, Bay County Public Works Director.

Voters will get a chance to decide if they want the half-cent sales tax on the November ballot. For now Edwards Road is being grated on a weekly basis because of high traffic on the road.