Governor in Defuniak

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At Thursday's "citizen's hours" with Gov. Jeb Bush and Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings, Walton County residents came out in force. Seventeen-year-old Brittany Coplen wanted to talk to the governor about her experiences with big classes.

There was about 40 students almost 45 and that's a lot of kids to have to deal with, especially in difficult area like math or definitely areas in reading, and you can't get as much one-on-one contact if there's that many students.

More than 100 people waited patiently in the Defuniak Springs courthouse Thursday morning for their chance to speak. These citizens’ hours are a way to give Floridians access to state leaders and vice versa.

Gov. Jeb Bush said, “If you don't come here you don't learn and you can't play a role in providing some assistance, so I love this. I get a chance to be in places where governors and lieutenant governors don't normally get to go.”

Brittany's a bit younger than most people here but she says despite her age, young people can make a difference.

“They shouldn't stay at home and say well, I can't change anything. I think they should be encouraged to come out here and to speak and to be motivated to try and change something,” she says.

She's living proof.

Other citizens talked to the governor about widening Highway 3-31 and the recent closing and layoffs at the Perdue chicken plant. The governor says the state is looking into both issues.