Touch Screen Voting

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Walton County commissioners recently approved a plan to buy 43-touch screen voting machines. That's the same machines at the center of a hot debate in Tallahassee.

Critics say the machines are eight-times more likely to not record a vote than optical scan equipment. Some of those critics have started a petition drive, trying to force the state to back up touch screen machine votes with a paper trail, something the state says is not necessary.

Walton elections officials say they're aware of these problems and their plans are only preliminary right now.

“We'll just have the amount required to have one in each precinct to meet the ADA requirements of HOVA. We'll still have blended system and we think the majority of our voting will still be done on the paper ballot to the Accuvote machine.

If Walton County does buy the touch screen machines, they won't be used in this year's elections. They would not go into use until after July 2005.