Flag for a Fallen Hero

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It's been almost six years since Al-Qaida's first major attack. In 1998 the terrorist organization hit the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. A Panama City woman, Sherry Lynn Olds, died in the blast.

Although many years have passed her family still remembers and this month they got a precious gift, a memento to let them know others remember Sherry too.

Sherry Lynn's mother, Evelyn Olds says it's hard to get over the death of a child, she says it's even harder to go on when your child is murdered, but knowing others out there still remember and still care makes it a little easier.

The Olds' keep Sherry present in their daily lives with pictures and awards from her days in the Air Force. Sherry Lynn was a Senior Master Sergeant doing security at the US Embassy in Kenya in August of 1998 when a truck rigged as a bomb exploded killing Olds and 11 other Americans.

Now her mother and father have something else to remember her by, an American flag, flown in Sherry's honor over dozens of bases and sites all over the world.

A man Sherry worked at Eglin Air Force Base with thought the flag would be a fitting tribute.