More Allegations Over the Florida Felons List

Florida elections officials spent more than two million dollars compiling that list, but they had to throw it out because Hispanic felons were left off.

Now there are new reports that state officials were informed of the problem with Hispanics as far back as 1998. State Democratic Party Chairman Scott Maddox says that confirms their suspicions that the republicans knew about it all along.

Maddox says the glitches in the list were a deliberate attempt to disenfranchise African Americans, who tend to voted democratic.

“They claimed that it was a last minute mistake and that they knew nothing of it. Now, we are finding out that we’ve known for several years. I’m disappointed but I’m not surprised. We are seeing the same thing out of the Jeb Bush administration in 2004 that we saw in 2000 and that is a systematic approach to try to get Republicans favor over Democrats."

Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood denies there was any malicious intent on the part of the elections office.

Hood says she was not aware that the problem had been discovered as many as six years ago.

“Well first of all we don’t know who was aware or if anybody was aware, we don’t know what the issue truly was and that’s what the audit is going to find out. We need to get answers to the questions, I’m very emphatic about that I want to make sure that we have answers to all these questions, that we can put this to rest and that we can move on, but we also have to remember that we are not using that potential felon matching list."

Hood says they should have a better idea of what went wrong with the felon list once that audit is complete.