Chamber Concerned About Petition Gatherers

The Florida Chamber of Commerce hired a camera crew to shoot video of petition gatherers in Tallahassee.

The chamber says it caught the petition-gatherers telling people they could sign the petition multiple times, and had to sign it if they wanted to vote on the issue in November, both of which are not true.

The Chamber says petition-gatherers even offered to register people who were not registered to vote if they signed, which is also not allowed.

Chamber Spokesman David Daniel says voters need to be wary.

"It's education, voter education, and I think the majority of Floridians don't realize that these people are getting paid to gather those signatures. They are being harassed at the retail establishments. They are signing these just to get these people out of their face. I think what we really need to do is look at reform of the process; we need to look at voter education process, Amendment two this year on the ballot will allow voters, rather than three months, nine months to see whether this is in their best interest. We think an educated voter really makes smarter decisions."

The Florida Chamber opposes several of the proposed constitutional amendments this year, including one to raise the minimum wage.

State Division of Elections chief Dawn Roberts says if people are concerned about behavior of petition-gatherers, they need to notify their county Elections Supervisor. The Supervisors can forward the information to the State Attorney's office.