PC Family Gets Special Memento

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It's been almost six years since Al-Qaida's first major attack. In 1998 Bin Laden's group hit the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

A Panama City woman, Sherry Lynn Olds, died in the blast, and although many years have passed her family still remembers.

This month her family got a precious gift, a memento to let them know others remember Sherry too. Sherry Lynn's mother says it's hard to get over the death of a child. She says it's even harder to go on when your child is murdered, but knowing others out there still remember and still care makes it a little easier.

The Olds' keep Sherry present in their lives with pictures and awards from her days in the Air Force. Sherry Lynn was a Senior Master Sergeant doing security at the U.S. Embassy in Kenya in August of 1998 when a truck rigged as a bomb exploded, killing Olds and 11 other Americans.

Now, her mother and father have something else to remember her by, a flag flown in Sherry's honor over dozens of bases and sites around the world. A man who graduated at Eglin with Sherry Lynn thought the flag would be a fitting tribute.

Saturday Sherry Lynn would have turned 46. Her parents say the day was easier thanks to the new tribute they have on Sherry's wall.