A Picture's Worth

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Sears portrait studios across the country are kicking off a campaign of thanks to the troops through smiles and words of support. This week you can go to Sears and have a free portrait session and even get three free pictures as part of this project.

Sears plans to use one photo from each session to create a scrapbook of friends, family and supporters and mail it to troops stationed overseas for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The local manager of the portrait studio, Fonda Ferguson, says You are allowed one free session, and four free three-by-five portraits of one pose Sunday through Friday.

"So, we're hoping wherever it goes someone is going to know someone and it's going to be family, and even if it's not there's a lot of guys over there that don't have family and it's nice to know somebody appreciates what they're over there doing."

You can still participate in the scrapbook project after Friday. Any customer that makes a purchase can ask for their photo to be included. Through December 31, anyone in the military and their family will receive a free portrait session and then get 20-percent off all purchases.