School Savings

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The freedom of summer is coming to a close and back to school shopping is about to begin. For the past two years, the Florida Legislature put the tax-free shopping week in detention, but they decided to bring it back this election year.

Tommie Beth Willis is the assistant manager at the Wal-Mart in Callaway, and she says their customers are talking about the tax-free holiday.

"Our customers are excited because it allows them to come in and take advantage of these savings by not having to pay tax on these particular items, so it may allow them to even purchase more items than they might have planned to, to begin with."

Diane Tharp has four children going back to school this year, and she says the tax relief is appreciated in her home.

"It's exciting, it's real exciting."

Mary Swanson says she will spend more money this year, helping her two daughters get ready for the new school year.

"Well, it saves the money that we will save and can spend on something else and the girls like to take advantage of it to get a little bit more."

School supplies that are $10 or less and clothes that are $50 or less will be tax free from Saturday until August 1 this year. Even books made the tax free list, but the savings won't stop with the start of school. You'll also get a break at the pump for the month of August.

There will be a tax relief of eight cents off the 24-cent state gas tax. Whether it's driving to the pump or driving up the school shopping bill, it's just like summer break, it too will end.