Another Delay In Opening Jackson County’s Newest School

The new high school was supposed to be completed last summer, then this summer, then by the beginning of the new school year on August 4.

Now, the man in charge of the project, Buddy Dickson, says students won't be able to move in the new school until after the high school's October break.

Dickson says he can't control the weather, but says he believes a few more days of sunshine will allow crews to finish their paving and other outside road work.

Meanwhile, workers put the finishing touches inside the school.

Several classrooms and the school's new gym are ready for students. If only the same could be said about the rest of the school.

Once completed, Marianna High School's new facility will not only host students and faculty. It will also provide shelter for over 2000 local residents during hurricanes.

Currently, Jackson County can only provide a so-called “at-risk shelter” for about 500 people. The current Marianna High School is almost 80 years old.