Thomas Drive Turning Lane Extended

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You can bet at least you or someone you know will be stuck in rush hour traffic sometime this week.

With all the construction on the Hathaway Bridge, making it home can sometimes be a nightmare. But a new plan is sure to provide some relief for frustrated drivers.

Hundreds of frustrated drivers sit in the Thomas Drive turning lane everyday, waiting to turn left onto Thomas Drive from Highway 98. The long light and short turning lane has been creating traffic problems on the bridge and for drivers trying to go straight through to Back Beach Road.

The good news is the mess on Highway 98 westbound may be a thing of the past by very soon.

"We just got approval from the Department of Transportation to extend the Thomas Drive turning lane to the foot of the westbound bridge. We also got permission to open up a third lane on the westbound bridge," says Gary Bellamy, Thomas Drive Flyover Project Spokesman.

Bellamy says it will take extra taxpayers dollars to provide the extended lane, but most of these frustrated drivers agree the DOT should do whatever it takes to make their drive home more tolerable.

Thomas Drive Flyover Project officials are already working on plans to extend the turning lane. It should be done within a matter of weeks.