Dollar Days

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Minimum wage in Florida has been stuck at $5.15 for the past seven years, matching the federal wage. But, 12 states and Washington D.C. already offer a higher minimum wage and voters in this state will have the choice to increase it by a dollar in November.

Charlie Coram, the owner of Corams' Steak and Egg, says the wage hike will reflect in a price hike.

"It'll affect the small business, the mom and pop operations like us more than anybody else because small business is the largest employer," says Coram.

Someone working full-time on minimum wage will earn $206 a week and an annual income of $10,712.

Donald Adams, the owner of Chic-Fil-A in Panama City, says his employees deserve more than the minimum, starting his employees at $7 an hour with incentives to move up quickly.

"If you're a low paid operation, it tends to reflect on your people and also the service that they give. We have found out that you get what you pay for," says Adams.

Ron Hardy, the owner of Gulf World, says competitive wages fill the market in Bay County. He says they wouldn't even be affected by a dollar increase in minimum wage.

"We pay a lot for experience of all kinds, even if it's related in any way and we pay for education," says Adams.

Those left paying the minimum will be left to the mercy of the voters in November to decide the worth of a dollar.