Another Legal Battle Brewing Over the County Pier

Dean and Ginger McCollum previously had the lease to operate the county pier properties for two years.

That ended in 2001 after Beach Police and Federal agents raided the pier office and the McCollum's home in the Colony Club area.

Dean McCollum was eventually sentenced to 15 years for charges involving illegal weapons, weapons deals that supposedly happened at the county pier.

The Bay County Commission booted the McCollum's out and then leased the pier to Beachwalk Enterprises, which is now suing the county after it was also booted out.

Now, Ginger McCollum has put commissioner on notice she plans to sue. She says the county breached their lease and took over and sold their inventory when they were ousted.

The county commission now has six months to satisfy McCollum's claims. If it doesn't, she can then go to court with the issue.