Flying High

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Representatives from airports across the state are in Bay County this week to learn more about safe, quick and easy travel.

The Panama City-Bay County International Airport is hosting the airport convention at the Bay Point Marriott. Skyway Communications is going to unveil its technology that can provide a real-time link between passenger IDs and government agencies.

Marisol Casablanca with SkyWay Communications says technology is changing and making airports safer.

"Starting with September 11, I think it was an incredible wake-up for America to understand how vulnerable we were for terrorism and for other difficult situation that we could be challenged and we were not prepared for security."

Diane Johnston, with the Bay County Airport, says this year's conference has a number of vendors focused on safety and security at our nation's airports.

"There is a big focus on security and I know that there's a lot of company's out there since September 11th that have really started working with the government and with the airports to increase that safety and that security factor."

This is the 35th annual conference held by the Florida's Airports Council. They expect 600 to 700 groups from around the state attending.