Major Fire at Eagles Landing

Flames danced off the top of the three-story unit, weakening the roof to the point that it caved-in. In all, 12 units were affected by the blaze.

The fire caused some major damage to the third floor units, but water caused the most problems. The building's fire sprinkler system kicked-in, saving the first and second floors.

Witnesses say the fire appeared to have started with a maintenance worker’s propane torch, which ignited some pine straw. The flames spread quickly to a nearby air conditioning unit and then up a wall outside of the apartment cluster.

One of the firefighters was treated for heat exhaustion. Aside from that there were no injures.

Residents and other on-lookers praised the quick work of the Lynn Haven Fire Department in quickly getting the situation under control. They were credited with containing the blaze to the one 12 apartment building and keeping it from spreading to other buildings in the large apartment complex.

Damage estimates were not immediately available. It’s expected the loss will be several hundred thousand dollars.

Arbor Properties, which manages Eagles Landing, is paying for motel rooms for the 12 renters who were displaced.

The Panhandle Chapter of the American Red Cross is taking care of their immediate needs, including counseling for some of the families who lost pets in the fire.