Troopers in This Area are Beefing Up Patrols in Six Panhandle Counties

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In an effort to cut down on the number of deaths on rural roads in northwest Florida, the Florida Highway Patrol is launching a two-phase campaign.

Lt. Jerry Maddux told NewsChannel Seven the traffic death toll was skyrocketing. “It's pretty high and we’re going to try and shut it down.”

Fifty-eight deaths since January of this year is not only a cause for concern, but also the reason why the Florida Highway Patrol is now redirecting its manpower in six counties.

Troopers plan to use numerous available resources beyond the traditional radar, including, lasers, airplanes clocking your speed and unmarked cars.

The first phase of Operation Rural Enforcement, already underway will focus on traffic offenses committed by dangerous and aggressive drivers. Troopers will simply issue warnings to drivers with lesser violations in an effort to educate them.

Phase two scheduled to launch on August 6 will focus on the same issues, but will mean a zero tolerance for all moving violations.

Troopers will be concentrating on all of the rural roads in Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson and Washington Counties.