Local Doctor Gets Honored

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He's been providing care for children in Panama City since the early 1970s for free.

Dr W.R. McArthur, known to many as "Mac", was honored Tuesday for his continued commitment to providing free health care for local children.

For the past 30 or so years the board certified orthopedic surgeon has worked in coordination with Children's Medical Services, an organization that provides free health care for children with special medical needs.

When other local doctors stopped taking patients who were enrolled in either the CMS or Medicaid programs, McArthur saw this as an opportunity to create more clinics for children and take in more patients.

“I've been in children's orthopedics really all my life, all of my practicing life, but mostly over here is where you really get to see the children and work with them and there's no problems with the finances because the state takes care of it," he says.

McArthur said this was his way of giving back to the community.