Indian Summer Festival

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Rain or shine, the Indian Summer Festival will not be the financial flop it was last year.

Paul Goulding, the special events coordinator for the TDC, says this year's ticket prices should off-set a poor turnout like last year because of the rain. "Actually there are many differences in this year's event. We listened to the people and were sensitive to some of the concerns and some of the perceived problems from last year."

The festival and concert are separated this year, costing just $10 a day to go to the festival. To attend the concert and festival on Friday or Saturday, the ticket will cost $15 each day per person, and a higher cost to attend only Sunday.

"Typically, the people advance three-day tickets are going to be coming as a visitor from another area and staying overnight."

But, some board members were concerned about the choice of venue with all the change coming to the beach, with country stars Chad Brock on Friday night, Trick Pony on Saturday, and Gretchen Wilson ending the event Sunday night.

Board member Andy Phillips says country music may not be the best choice for an area wanting to step away from its redneck image. "We're changing everything we do about our destination. Our demographic is changing, but yet everything we're doing in most of the entertainment is geared towards a Redneck woman, a honky-tonk county music."

Goulding says country is the best choice, especially when trying to appeal to a large crowd. "In any city, in any country in the world, county music is the number one format."

Whatever the rules may be, everyone on this board and staff hopes the sun only shines and the people come in large numbers.