No Deal

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Tourist Development Council board member, Andy Phillips, started the discussion about the director's contract with a positive note.

"I think you've done an excellent job since you've been here and there's so many important things we need to focus on as this destination changes right now and turning over the head of the CVB is not one of them."

But not everyone shared the same sentiment. In a five-to-four decision, TDC board members voted not to renew warren's contract today. Warren has been the director of the TDC for the past four and half years. He was asking the board to renew his contract for an additional year. But the 30-day notice and 90-day severance pay clauses upset a number of people.

Warren says he's willing to renegotiate a new proposal, but TDC members refused to say if that was a possibility. "Without a contract it simply means that I will be working day to day for the Tourist Development Council and the Panama City Beach Convention and Visitor's Bureau. And I will continue to do so with the same level of aggressiveness that I have for the past four and a half years."

Warren says he'll stay on until he can negotiate a new deal, or is replaced. "I'm not clear why commitment on behalf of our board was not forthcoming today when I have made a commitment to our industry. So, that's the nature of this business and I certainly look forward to continuing to stay here and serve."

He says he and his wife will use this time to explore all their options.