Young Woman Found Dead in Her Beach Home

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A young woman was found dead in her Panama City Beach home Saturday morning. Now, investigators say her age makes them wonder if there may be more to the story than they first thought.

Neighbors and passers-by were surprised to see crime tape and police investigators surround a town home off of their usually quiet street. Police say they were even more surprised when they found the body of a 28-year-old woman inside.

Sunny Harvey was found dead Saturday morning by her husband who had just returned home from work. He and some neighbors tried to resuscitate Harvey, but were unsuccessful.

When police investigators arrived they found no sign of a struggle, but say her youth makes them wonder why she suddenly died.

"Twenty-eight-year-old women don't generally die of natural causes. However, there are some medication conditions and indications of drug use, so we're not sure. We're just being cautious and looking at the circumstances surrounding her death," says Major David Humphreys of the Panama City Beach Police Department.

The medical examiner did come to the scene to check the body, but could not give a definitive cause of death. An autopsy will be done on Monday.